Battling gum disease and tooth decay can be burdensome or out-of-reach for some people, an apparent reason why over 178 million Americans have incomplete smiles. When poor oral habits result in an extraction or tooth loss, patients usually ask their qualified dentists for dental implants in Decatur, which give long-lasting, true-to-life results that work wonders for their quality of life. 

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What Are Dental Implants

Dental implants are porcelain and titanium artificial teeth designed to go in your empty sockets and give you a complete set of pearly whites. After your dentist performs an oral examination to ensure your mouth is disease-free, they will permanently fix the implant via surgery. Once you’ve completely healed, you will notice the benefits of your new implants, from their durability to their natural looks and restorative properties.

What Makes Dental Implants a Sought-After Teeth Replacement? 

They Are Permanent 

When you put your money and health on the line to restore your smile, you will likely expect the solution you invest in to last a long time. Dental implants can stay a part of your mouth your entire life because they permanently fuse with your jawbone, which makes them such a popular option. The root of your implant is also made of titanium, a durable and corrosion-resistant metal that won’t need changing and gives dental implants a prolonged life. 

Even when their estimated lifespan is over ten years, dental implants can last longer if you avoid the following habits: 

- Teeth grinding. 

– Smoking or chewing tobacco. 

– Eating hard or sticky foods. 

– Overbrushing. 

They Give You a Natural-Looking Smile

Another reason dental implants win the restorative dentistry popularity contest is their natural-looking appearance. Implants have a porcelain crown, a whitish material that looks just like your real pearly whites and will blend in perfectly with the rest of your smile. 

Even though dental implants appear authentic, they are not porous like your remaining teeth. Therefore, they cannot absorb substances that can stain or harm them, making them invincible against yellowish shades and tooth decay. 

They Improve Everyday Tasks

People turn to dental implants for more than a prettier and long-lasting smile; they also care about being able to go about their day without problems eating or speaking. Empty sockets are a nuisance when having lunch or dinner because they store food remains, causing gum disease and tooth decay in neighboring teeth.  

Since we also use front and back teeth to utter sounds, not having the necessary pearly whites can hinder talking, making you feel embarrassed. Getting dental implants will get these daily activities back to normal, restoring your confidence. 

They Help Your Jawbone and Teeth

Aside from having an easier time talking and eating, people want dental implants because they see improvements in the state of their jawbone and teeth after dental implant surgery. Natural teeth stimulate your jawbone, preventing tooth loss.  

This process stops when you’re missing a tooth, so you’ll gain bone volume back by getting an implant, and your face will no longer have a sunken appearance. 

Empty sockets also allow adjacent teeth to shift towards it and get crooked, affecting your looks and bite. When dental implants cover the space, they don’t give neighboring teeth a chance to move from their place, keeping them stable and straight. 

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Dental Implants in Decatur Can Be the Solution for You

Dental implants are so popular because they can restore oral health and daily activities with their long-lasting and natural-looking properties. Our team can provide this restorative dentistry procedure to enhance your smile, so call us today to book an appointment.