When Is the Right Time to Visit a Periodontist? 

Dental health can be pretty meticulous when caring for it, but keeping up is a huge benefit. Dental-related complications are not always handled by the general dentist alone. Different dentists have different specializations. For gum treatment, you should visit your local periodontist in Decatur, AL.  

Dentists who have specializations are different from the usual general dentists you visit for your regular check-up. Because they specialize in a field, they are useful for some unique circumstances. 

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What Is Periodontics? 

Periodontics is a field of specialty in dentistry that focuses on the inflammatory disease that deteriorates the gums while also destroying the surrounding support of the teeth. Periodontists are needed in most cases of serious complications related to the gums. 

The training that periodontists get is different from a general dentist. They usually need three more years to complete the specialization before they can practice being a periodontist. Periodontists can also treat other complications of the mouth when related to the gums. They are also trained to use advanced equipment. 

periodontist is a dentist specializing in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of periodontal disease, a disease of the gums that affect the gums and the teeth.  

There are some situations that general dentists can handle when it comes to periodontal diseases, but only when this is a mild case. For more severe cases, general dentists will typically refer you to a periodontist who has in-depth knowledge. 

Why Do I Need to Visit a Periodontist? 

If you encounter a situation when your general dentist refers you to a periodontist, it would mean that the complications of your dental health are not in their field of expertise 

When Is the Right Time to Visit a Periodontist? 

There are quite a few reasons why your general dentist will ask you to visit a periodontist because of your gums and teeth complications. The specialization of the periodontist assures you that your teeth are in good hands. 


Getting referrals because you have periodontal disease is a common occurrence. This is because specializations are pretty specific in a field, and it helps in singling out a complication to lessen the burden of other general dentists. 

Referrals may mean that you are experiencing a moderate to severe case of periodontal disease with worrying symptoms that are pretty hard to deal with without the help of a professional. The symptoms could include: 

  • Bleeding, receding, swollen gums 
  • Change in the bite 
  • Teeth are loose 
  • Discoloration due to smoking 
  • Pain or discomfort around the gum area 

periodontist in Decatur, AL checking a patient's bleeding gums

Looking for a Periodontist in Decatur, AL? 

Now that you know the importance of the existence of periodontists. You should visit a periodontist in Decatur, AL, so your dental health can be examined and treated earlier if you have some complications that are unknown to you. 

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