When you are missing a few teeth, the chance to have a radiant and pearly smile might seem lost. This problem actually affects the average adult in the US, who has at least one decayed tooth. But in Decatur, AL, a solution might work for you: dental bridges. 

Here’s everything dentists want you to know about this prosthesis. 

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What are Dental Bridges?

Usually made of porcelain or ceramic, dental bridges are prostheses that need to hold on to adjacent abutment teeth. The bridge has false teeth, or pontics, to fill the gaps in your mouth, as well as parts that your dentist will attach to the neighboring teeth. Once the dental professional sets the bridge in place, the new pontic will be a natural-looking replacement with the help of your healthy surrounding teeth, giving you a smile you always wanted. 

Before recommending dental bridges as a possible solution to your missing pearly whites, dentists will have to check how healthy your other teeth are since they will carry all the weight of your prosthesis on their shoulders. 

Types of Dental Bridges


As their name implies, they are the most common kind of dental bridge. Dentists must get your neighboring teeth prothesis-ready by removing the enamel on their surface. The next step is preparing a bridge with the necessary pontics and the crowns that the dental professional will place over the real pearly whites in your mouth. 

Once the bridge is ready, your dentist will permanently set it in place or, if removable, teach you how to wear it and let you take it home to use whenever you see fit. 


Sometimes patients are not as lucky and don’t have the two adjacent teeth necessary to use traditional bridges as a solution. If this is the case, don’t fret: cantilever bridges can still solve your problem. The dentist prepares the neighboring teeth on the only side of the gap and then attaches the bridge to that side, securing it in place. 

Since Cantilever bridges depend on one tooth only, you should get dentist check-ups regularly to ensure that there are no cracks or fractures. 


Maryland bridges offer the great advantage of not needing your dental professional to remove the enamel on your natural teeth to put the bridges in place. They work by securing the pontic with metal wings and holding on to the back of your real teeth. 

However, their advantage of not requiring enamel removal can also be their downfall since they tend to move or fall more often, lasting less than traditional or cantilever prostheses. 

How Do I Take Proper Care of My Dental Bridges?

Removable or permanent, you should care for your dental bridges as you do for your natural teeth. Brush them at least twice daily to keep them shiny, floss, and use mouthwash if necessary. These steps are crucial now that your adjacent teeth are missing the protective enamel on their surface, increasing their exposure to plaque and tartar. 

Scheduling regular visits to your dentist will also keep your dentures at their best since professionals are the ones who assess if you require a cleaning or a prosthesis replacement. 

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Looking to Get Dental Bridges in Decatur, AL?

Gaps between your teeth can hinder everyday activities and potentially result in other dental problems. At Terry Family Dentistry, we can give you the dental bridges you need for a healthy, natural smile. 

Contact us today to learn if dental bridges are a proper fit for you.