Root Canal Myths You Should Stop Believing Now

Has the little bit of pain in your tooth gotten really bad? While root canals in Decatur AL can be the best way to save your infected tooth, hearing these words probably makes you cringe

A root canal treatment involves eliminating bacteria from a root canal that’s infected to save the natural tooth. The dentist removes the inflamed pulp and carefully disinfects the inside of the tooth before filling and sealing it. Is it as bad as many people make it to be? No! Here are some of the most common myths.

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The Truth Behind Root Canal Myths

Since too much misinformation surrounding this treatment has been floating out there, people end up suffering the consequences of not getting the treatment they need. If you’ve fallen for any of these root canal myths, it’s about time you should stop believing them now.

MYTH 1: “Root canal treatments are extremely painful.”

Contrary to what most people assume, the pain is triggered by the pus and bacteria that irritate the nerves found in the pulp inside your tooth. Root canal treatments are designed to eliminate the pain and not magnify it.

Thanks to better anesthetics and modern technology, root canal treatments are no longer painful compared to how they were decades ago. Today, the entire process can be as painless as getting dental fillings. 

MYTH 2: “Root canal treatments require multiple visits to the dentist.”

When you undergo root canal treatment, you won’t be sitting in the dental chair all day long. Although the amount of time you need to spend at your dentist’s office ultimately depends on your tooth infection’s severity, root canal treatments are typically completed in one or two appointments. 

MYTH 3: “Pregnant women aren’t allowed to have root canal treatments.”

Pregnant women can have root canals because the procedure only requires a small x-ray directly aimed at the mouth and not the abdominal area. Since the dentist uses a lead apron to cover the belly, the radiation exposure is very minimal.

MYTH 4: “There’s no need for a root canal treatment if your tooth doesn’t hurt.”

It’s possible for a tooth to require a root canal treatment even when it doesn’t hurt. A trained dental practitioner can test your tooth to check for signs of infection in the pulp. For instance, a small and painless bump in your gums may turn out to be a fistula that puts you at risk of an abscessed tooth. 

MYTH 5: “It’s better to have a tooth extraction than a root canal treatment.”

It’s always ideal to maintain your real tooth’s natural structure and preserve its functionality. Although you can always choose to have your teeth extracted and replaced by dentures, fixed dental bridges, or implants, these alternatives are more expensive than getting a root canal treatment.

MYTH 6: “Root canal treatments can make you sick.”

No scientific evidence supports this claim. It’s more dangerous to ignore a tooth infection or an abscess because when the infection spreads through your bloodstream, it can affect your heart.

where can i get root canals in decatur al?

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