Potential Side Effects of Root Canals

Living with pain in your mouth is something no one should go through. Fortunately, because of advances in dentistry, there are now plenty of dental procedures that can help lessen or eliminate oral discomfort. Root canals in Decatur, AL, are one of these treatments that can help relieve pain while also repairing and saving a decaying or infected tooth.

Even though this is a relatively safe procedure, there are certain hazards and long-term effects that can be associated with it. If you’ve just had a root canal and want to know if there are any post-treatment side effects you should be looking for, here are some examples. It’s important to note that these issues are rare, and if you choose a dentist who is highly skilled and experienced, the chances of these problems are low.

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Possible Effects of a Root Canal Procedure

Color Changes in the Teeth

A root canal-treated tooth might change color over time because the pulp and nerves are not intact. While a dental filling keeps the treated tooth from splitting, there’s no guarantee that the filling will not change color inside the tooth. Although the color shift may not impair the quality of your teeth, having a tooth that’s a shade darker than the rest of your teeth may impact your overall appearance. Luckily, cosmetic treatments can restore the beautiful look of your tooth. 

Cracks and Chips

Tooth cracks and chips are among the most common long-term effects of root canal procedures. Your teeth’s pulp and other contaminated components are removed during a root canal operation. Since there’s no pulp left in your tooth, your tooth’s enamel and other parts can fall apart, making it crack and chip.  

Unattended Infection

While a root canal can save your tooth from further damage, there’s still a chance that some of the infection will linger within your remaining teeth. These bacteria can start surviving on your tooth’s decaying tissues and turn into a condition that can affect your gums and surrounding teeth. This infection often happens when your dentist doesn’t clean your tooth well after removing the pulp.   

Bad Breath

Removing the pulp of your teeth does not mean you won’t get any more cavities. You can still be prone to tooth decay, resulting in bad breath. Since your tooth no longer has nerves to alert you of any tooth decay or cavities on your teeth, this condition is often overlooked to the point of having bad breath. It’s recommended that you check your root-canaled teeth regularly for signs of decay. 

Loose Tooth Feeling

In some cases, sensitivity after the root canal treatment might make it feel like your tooth is loose. While this condition is fairly normal right after your procedure, it should not be felt for too long. If the feeling persists, you should alert your dentist. 

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Do You Need a Root Canal in Decatur, AL?

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