Do Loose Dentures Need to Be Replaced? 

Loose dentures are more than just a nuisance. They can make it awkward to do the things you love, like eating your favorite foods and talking to your friends. Terry Family Dentistry can help resolve any issues you’re having with your dentures in Decatur, AL. 

dentist working on a set of dentures in Decatur, AL

What Causes Loose Dentures? 

Structural Changes 

Along with making sure you get the right dentures in the first place, you also need to consider the effects of time. The structure of your mouth can change, while your dentures remain the same. 

For example, bone resorption may lead to ill-fitting dentures. Dietary changes can also lead to issues. If you become thinner, it makes sense that your face will be thinner. Your dentures weren’t built for these structural changes. 

Dental Adhesives 

Your dentures can also get loose if you are not using enough dental adhesives. When you don’t stick them on properly, talking and eating can cause the dentures to shift. 

Wrong Dentures 

For people who are on a tight budget, dentures can be a great way to fill in the gaps caused by missing teeth. But there are many types of dentures, and which one you need depends on the number of missing teeth you have. 


Eating foods that are hard to chew can also cause your dentures to shift and loosen up. Although it is a means to cover up gaps, you can’t expect them to function exactly like your natural teeth. There will be limitations to the food you can eat in order to prevent it from becoming loose. 

Why It’s Important to Solve Denture Problems 

We all know how embarrassing it is for our dentures to suddenly fall off while we eat or socialize with friends and family. 

For that reason, it’s best if you do your research on how to prevent such mishaps from happening. After all, the reason why we have them in the first place is to gain more confidence with our smiles. 

Continuing to use loose dentures could lead to horrible problems with your oral health, such as gum irritation and blisters. You might also experience discomfort because you can’t chew your food properly. Loose dentures will also likely slur your speech. 

Blisters on your gums can sometimes become a serious problem. Even though it might seem like a minor issue, they can be the means of entry for bacteria, which can lead to more serious infections. The last thing you need is another dental issue! 

How to Solve Denture Problems 

It isn’t necessary to immediately replace your dentures when they become loose. Sometimes, relining, remodeling and other adjustments can be made to make your dentures fit again. Often, they’ll only need to be replaced once they’re worn out. 

Dentures can last longer when properly maintained. Like our natural teeth, they also need to be cared for to maintain their durability. 

To avoid loose dentures, make sure to eat softer food and take them off before sleep to avoid breaking them. You should also apply an ample amount of adhesive so that they won’t slip off suddenly. 

man getting his dentures in Decatur, AL 

Looking For Dentures in Decatur, AL? 

We at Terry Family Dentistry can help you improve your smile with our quality cosmetic dentistry, including our quality dentures. We can customize your dentures into your perfect fit and help you maintain them properly. 

Now that you know how dentures work, it’s up to you to decide whether it’s the right type of treatment for you or not. Give us a call to learn more about dentures in Decatur, AL!