Different Types of Dentures and How to Maintain Them

Dentures in Decatur, AL, are a common choice to replace a missing set of teeth. Modern dentures can help you recreate your natural teeth’s shape, appearance, and functionality. When your dentist suggests you need dentures, you first want to know what kind of dentures will best meet your needs.

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Different Kinds of Dentures

Your missing teeth can be replaced in several ways. Regardless of whether you need a denture, your dentist can advise you on getting the best option for you available, each with a different purpose and fashioned of another material. When choosing the most acceptable form for you, it’s crucial to comprehend the advantages of the various types.

Full Dentures

Full dentures, also known as complete dentures, are removable devices used to replace an entire arch of lost teeth. They come in both upper and lower sets. The acrylic or porcelain denture teeth are attached to a metal or acrylic foundation, which holds them together. When you lose all your teeth, complete dentures may be necessary. They can make you feel more confident to smile by helping to fill out your appearance once more.

Additionally, denture adhesive can assist keep your dentures in place and prevent food particles from irritating you if they get stuck under the appliance.

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures, whether upper or lower, are made to fill the space left by one or several missing teeth. If you only have a few missing teeth, partials can be unclipped and taken out as needed to give you more confidence and a better bite.

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Temporary Dentures

Immediate dentures, also known as temporary dentures, can be fitted as soon as your teeth have been extracted. While you wait for your new permanent dentures to be fitted, you have the option of using them to help you go about your daily business. You can resume enjoying your favorite meals without endangering your remaining natural teeth.

Flexible Dentures

If you’re still getting used to dentures, you could discover that flexible partials fit more comfortably than other removable ones. Additionally, most partial dentures are typically manufactured with metal components that occasionally show. Since loose dentures don’t contain metal components, they usually feel and appear much more natural.

Denture Maintenance

Getting used to wearing your new dentures may take some time. It’s natural to feel a little uncomfortable when you initially get fitted for them, but this should go away as your mouth becomes used to them. At first, eating will feel a little awkward, but with practice, you’ll soon forget you’re wearing them.

  • When a denture is not being worn, soaking it in water (or a denture cleaner solution) helps it maintain its form, stay flexible, and prevent drying out.
  • Never put dentures in hot water because doing so could cause them to warp.
  • Denture adhesives cannot fix loose dentures. They may need to be relined or replaced to avoid the emergence of oral sores.

Caring for your dentures will increase their lifespan and lessen harmful microorganisms. It is pretty much like maintaining your natural teeth. The ideal procedure is to brush them first to remove any food or drink, then soak them in an effervescent denture cleanser. To ensure that all plaque substances and buildup have been removed, brush the dentures one last time.

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Do You Need Dentures in Decatur, AL?

Visit your dentist and learn all about dentures in Decatur, AL. Choose from complete to partial dentures, temporary or permanent dentures; you have options that can suit your needs better!