Can I Avoid Having My Permanent Teeth Extracted?

There are many reasons why the dentist would suggest tooth extractions in Decatur, AL. These procedures are not limited to baby teeth but also some of your permanent teeth if necessary.  

The teeth are an essential part of the human body because they help in chewing food and speech. A tooth extraction can often make you feel insecure because of the lack of teeth, but there are solutions to replace extracted teeth. 

You can still have teeth, but they won’t be your original teeth. Dental implants can replace them, filling in the space that’s lacking while ensuring that the mouth does not collapse due to the lack of support. 

man holding a tooth after Tooth Extractions Decatur AL procedure

Can I Avoid Having My Permanent Teeth Extracted? 

Yes, you can avoid having your permanent teeth extracted, and this will depend on how determined you are in keeping those teeth of yours intact until you’re old. However, completely avoiding tooth extractions may not always be possible. Some things might happen that are simply beyond your control. 

Cases of tooth extractions come from tooth decay, gum diseases, injuries, fractures, or impacted teeth. While some of these reasons are completely avoidable, some are not. For example, you can keep up with your oral health to avoid cavities, but accidents happen. A severe injury might leave your dentist with no choice. 

The dentist has your best interest in mind when it comes to your teeth. So, if your dentist proposes a need for tooth extraction, there’s definitely a good reason. 

Ways to Avoid Extractions 

There are many ways to avoid tooth extractions, especially when the tooth is a permanent one. If you follow these instructions, you’ll have a greater chance of keeping your natural teeth for much longer than you might have anticipated. 

Brushing The Teeth 

Brushing your teeth is a necessity. It can prevent many complications that your teeth might experience. Teeth extractions can also be prevented if you brush your teeth regularly and make sure you take care of them. 

Regular Dental Cleaning 

Professional dental cleanings are a massive help for the teeth because they clean the most challenging places. Getting your teeth cleaned will ensure that plaque will not form and cause infections that may require you to get tooth extractions. 


Flossing is crucial because you can have food stuck in between your teeth without you noticing. This can help bacteria form and infiltrate your gums and teeth, leading to damage and possible tooth decay. 

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Need to Get Tooth Extractions in Decatur, AL? 

Now that you know whether you can avoid getting your teeth extracted or not, you should also be aware that your teeth are extremely important for good overall health. 

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